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Revenue Cycle Management

Comprehensive RCM solutions including extended business office, denial management, Accounts Receivable (A/R) Management, and credit balance resolution.

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Patient Contact Solutions

Comprehensive patient contact solutions including scheduling, eligibility verification, pre-authorization, patient call center, and self-pay collections.

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Payer Solutions

Vairix Global Services Pvt Ltd provides a rightshore Payer BPO model for population health, risk adjustment, revenue management, and clinical review.

Welcome To Vairix Global Services Pvt Ltd

We are leading healthcare BPO with a world-class team of highly skilled medical coding and medical billing outsourcing professionals, Vairix Global Services Pvt Ltd Healthcare Solutions solves its clients’ billing challenges, while embracing their overall business operations. By leveraging our people, processes and technology, our healthcare BPO company enables clients to reduce operating and capital costs, recover revenue, improve patient satisfaction, and increase productivity. With a current staff of over professionals, we provide strategic outsourcing solutions to healthcare providers.

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Revenue Cycle Services


We emphasise on quality over quantity and that is why we focus on re-checking process details. Authentication of critical aspects such as eligibility of insurance, benefits verification, co-ordination of benefits is considered a big priority at Vairix Global Services.


Clean claims are a reality at Vairix Global Services. Our billing professionals are exceptionally trained to send claims to payers at a much faster pace. Inaccurate capture of patient demographic and charge information could cause reduced reimbursement.


Our expert team of AAPC certified coders complies with CCI coding edits to ensure accurate application of procedure and diagnosis codes to the patient’s medical records.


We resort to electronic transmissions of all claims, as paper transfers are more risky and rather outdated. What sets Vairix apart is the fact that we follow claims until they reach the payer and continue our follow-up until the payer acknowledges the receipt of claims.


The perfect blend of advanced technology, cost effective solutions and qualified billing professionals, we can get all payments posted in the billing system precisely.


Our perfect billing and coding system make A/R calling non-existent. But we believe in being prepared for any situation and extend our support to A/R, ensuring that our clients get paid promptly at a much lower cost.

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